Wellllll you would think I have a ton to tell after over a month of posting! Pippy turned 7! What a blessing to be her mama…..she was Born under developed and scared everyone. She has taught me a healthier way to feed our family through her food allergies. She is a cheerful helper and is quite responsible about her homework etc. she isn’t shy about telling others her thoughts and isn’t bothered by what others say about her…….we feel this quality will serve her well in Life!013 012 011 010 009 008 006 005 003 002

Most of our days have been spent surviving and keeping everyone safe…..while that sounds boring, it is completely consuming and exhausting. I have been challenged by a fellow adoptive mom to be honest about adoption and I have resolved to do just that…..after I catch up a bit!

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Many prayers have been sent up and answered on our family’s behalf. My days go something like this. D straggles in our room between 0400 and 0530 to snuggle, F climbs in before 0600 to snuggle, I get up around 6 am, pack lunches, send S off to the bus with Trav @ 0630, make breakfasts, wake Theo up, just before I leave for a 705 meeting at the middle school, arrive home at 0805, in the mean time Travis has taken the middle girls to meet the carpool van, load the boys up, take Theo to school, call the school nurse on my way to get a background check for my new job, am informed that Theo is at school illegally, I either have to pull him out or return and sign a waiver for one of his shots…..run into the place to be fingerprinted, they are evacuating the building for a gas leak!!! WHAT!! So I go back to the school sign an immunization waiver for a shot he is going to get later that afternoon. Somewhere I ther I picked up our former foster daughter’s mom and took her back home….decide to brush the dog, find fleas, call vet, rewarm my breakfast for the second or third time( it is still only half eaten by supper)!  Theo needs picked up at 1215, I get fingerprinted on my way to pick him up, fed 3 kids lunch before I leave for this and Theo when he comes home……I will stop before you lose your mind….it sure makes me feel that way somedays!

Theo is attending school half days until Christmas break then will go full days after break! He is doing well with this transition, although very tired when he comes home. We have all enjoyed the 3 hours that little charmer is at school! We saw Genetics this week for Theo and it appears as though all of his deformities are part of his Arthrogryposis. It will take at least 3 more specialists, an MRI and results from blood work to figure out all the pieces to his puzzle.

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We had a great weekend with Trav’s parents. We decorated our little tree. Isaac loves it. We would find him kneeled in front of it just staring in awe at it. Sadly my nativity set is all packed up…..somewhere.


We have also made progress towards a home of our own…..our driveway is put in….and blueprints underway!

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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! For all the new pics of my darling (exhausting, crazy overwhelming) and lovable nieces and nephews. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you. 14 days!!! Love the pic of Pippi and Grandma Niecy. I got so jealous I cried. That might just be hormones….;) Love you Nee.

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