Everyday, I think now I am going to post on this topic or that and then a whole week has gone by. Isaac celebrated his 14th birthday in a family for the first time. He is loved! We made a cake(I did not inherit my grandma’s ability to decorate cakes, but he loved it! He wants so badly to have another chance at being a little kid, but also has an ego to uphold! This mama has a few tricks up her sleeve. Bubble bath and tools for his birthday!! The church bought him a bike and helmet. ps – He loves bubble baths with colored water!!




The Party Goers!


He opens up a little more each week about his childhood….very sad. It angers me that, while gut wrenching, none of it is surprising. He doesn’t seem to mind being hugged too much. He got his new glasses a week ago and if he is half as smart as he  thinks he is looks, school will be a piece of cake!

004 018

This week I watched astonished when F blew her nose and a bead, missing for many months came out. To give you an idea, the plastic had started to deteriorate! Isaac tells me over and over “monny, I am so boring”, and rather than correct him I suppress a giggle and tell daddy and grandma later. E is mad because Theo is too close, and he really is, and Theo is screaming like a girl crying because someone accidently stepped on his foot or pushed him because he totally invaded their personal space. Is he ever dramatic….so much for boys being easier! I took 6 children to my doctor’s appointment……WHAT an ADVENTURE!!! Had 2 girls come home sick this week and all 3 girls spent a day at home sick. D gave me Wonder Woman footed PJ’s for my birthday(10 days late and on Haloween!)

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I caught Theo kissing himself all up and down his arms and legs, then sucking his toe. Is the toe sucking nauseating to anyone else? Sarena has worked really hard at school this year and her report card reflected it. Way to go Baby Girl! All of the children get rocked….surprisingly of ALL of the kids, Theo minds it the most!!


Notice Isaac wearing his helmet while we carved pumpkins….he was concerned about my big knife!

Theo had an appointment with Cardiology this week and we won’t need to follow up! We went because his nose and lips turn blue/pURPle(although I must say he wears that color well) when he is tired or exercises very much. Apparently there are neurovascular anomalies that can accompany Arthrogryposis….thus the odd Hue. We will see genetics and the ortho doc for his elbows in December. January 30th was the first available appointment for the foot/leg/hip surgeon. While we wait Theo will start K-garten half days after Thanksgiving, then move to full days after Christmas Break. This is the only way he is going to learn English!

Speaking of school, We humbly ask for prayers for wisdom as we try to figure out school for Isaac. Our original plan was flushed down the toilet while still in Ch*na. Our next hope for school didn’t pan out and now we are just stuck. So if you think to send a prayer up in our behalf, we really appreciate it.

I am so blessed with a child or children to “help” me with whatever I am doing. I even have a 14 year old who tells me how to helps me drive! Every single one of them can be a great help when motivated the right way! Love them all so much….thank you God! My cup runneth over!

Once we came home we learned that Isaac had a genetic blood disorder called G6PD deficiency. We learned about that and will only see the Hem/Onc doctor if he becomes ill. This shouldn’t be a big issue. He can’t have certain medications, fava beans, use Vicks/Unkers etc. He won’t be able to see the Cleft Clinic until mid February!

Overall things are going well! We are so grateful! God is always faithful when we follow Him!

A HUGE PRAISE this week is that we will be receiving one more grant that will bring our adoption debt down to $15,000!!!!

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