We have been home five days and this is the first day that I am not just surviving. It is so good to be home. The boys seem glad too! The only time that Theo had shown any signs of attachment was when we visited his SWI……nothing else until the night before we left Ch*n@ He is totally attached now! He hops in his bed at night(with his new soft blanky). He is happy to have hugs and kisses, then sleeps all night.  He is slowly learning that his charm won’t work with mama!  Theo is overall lovable and easy to love. Way more dramatic than I could have ever imagined……and to think I thought boys would be less emotional!!

image WAITING……..image image  The only way his earbuds would stay in. Because of his elbows not bending, he can not put them back in by himself. image

The last 5 hours were rough. US Citizens!image

My attempt to keep the kids awake for our drive home from Chicago…they all fell asleep within 5 minutes of consumption!!image image image image image image image image imageMore on Isaac in another post

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