A few pics before we travel

I was going to post that today was our best day so far….then I got the report from my dad from the 15 minutes I stepped out. JESUS, take the wheel!  I hate that there even have to be terms like survival and orphanage behavior. I have no idea if  Isaac has ever been told “I love you”. We saw how the aged out girls were living in one SWI….it was gut wrenching. I could not bring myself to even take pictures. Aging out children matter. Our son waited for 7 years to even have his paperwork prepared for adoption! Dear Father God, please give me compassion, patience wisdom etc. Lord I pray healing over our new sons and protection over our family. Please keep all the traveling families safe and be with every parent with a child from a tough place!

image image image image image image image

He is learning that kisses are not just for getting what he wants! Definitely not attached yet, but moving in the right direction….thank you Lord!

image image image

One response to “A few pics before we travel

  1. Oh Denee I can’t even imagine! We are excited to meet the boys! Hope desirea had a good birthday! Tell her happy birthday from us! Safe travels. Sending prayers your way!

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