Blessed by Adoption

We had a busy day Saturday, a free relaxing day Sunday and today was a fun day! Last night God showed himself in a mighty way! I sat and watched with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes as S and Isaac spoke in their native language. This might not seem like a big deal, but to us it is huge. S has had a very difficult time since January and struggles to remember Mandarin. She was able to help me talk to Isaac about some things that our guide wouldn’t. We will not be going to visit the orphanage…He doesn’t want to go. While he won’t always get what he wants, I was already having second thoughts about going, so it was an easy decision.

Isaac has amazing eye contact and is learning that he will only get by with so much. Pushing and testing mama at every step. We need Baba to back me up! Today, I warned him multiple times that he was getting mama’s muscles if he didn’t stop splashing me…….curious and doubting, he splashed one too many times! Thank you thinners for these muscles! I picked him up and tossed him in the pool!! He got tossed twice and then resorted to splashing me from the edge! Great bonding today! Tonight he was impressed that I know how to cook and my big muscles…..hahahahaha!! Wasn’t too impressed that I wouldn’t let him watch a show that He likes to watch.

image This first pic is for you , El! They paint the fans at this desk.

Local Market

image image image image



It it is super easy to put floaties on elbows that don’t bend!imageimageBest view while relaxing at the pool!

Since this is an Adoption Trip, I am only posting Mama and Babe pics from the Safari Park

imageimage imageimageimage image


This is how Theo bends his elbow! Quite determined to suck his thumb!!



image image

I think we finally wore him out!!  image






2 responses to “Blessed by Adoption

  1. Love all the pictures! Glad sis and bro got to talk and S could help. Praying she will see it as a blessing and that you need her! So sweet of the thumb sucking. 🙂 Wyatt saw the pic of Theo in the pool and said “hey is that me?” !!! They do look similar! Love you, praying for your week and more bonding and more learning where those boundaries are! Hugs!

  2. Thanks for all the great pictures!! We are loving following along. I know you are exhausted, and so ready to be home by this time in your trip!! I can’t even imagine doing this without my husband. Stay strong, you are almost home 🙂 I prayed for you this morning, for strength, wisdom, patience, health, and spirits!! You can do this 🙂 The boys are both so darling! Praying you home, Judy

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