Thank you God for blessing me with family and friends who know just the words/blogposts that I need at this trying time. The last couple of days have been very trying and exhausting for me, but I will praise Him who brought us on this journey. He sent a Chinese adoptive dad who was able to talk to my son and tell him just what I wanted to in his language. I will praise God because Isaac is always wanting to help carry my things, open doors, I will praise God because no matter how hard this journey has been or will be HE will never leave me nor forsake me!! JESUS!!!!! I feel every prayer!

We met a great couple from WV and  lovely couple from Australia who waited 8 1/2 years for their baby! Yesterday we went to the pearl market, ate at a local restaurant and went swimming. Theo has figured out his balance with floaties in the pool and Isaac is getting more and more confident in the pool. I think he will be swimming by the time we get home! Today we went to Sha mian Island, did some shopping and met Fu Zhi Wei, an amazing artist who uses only his hand and fingers in ink to paint!! I purchased some of his art last time we were in Ch*na, but didn’t meet him. We spent quite a bit of time visiting with him. He took a special liking to Isaac and made a picture just for him…..he even had me take pictures on his phone of them together! So much fun. I wasn’t a boring mama today. Theo was quite bored and finally fell asleep in the stroller(not normal)….Pappy was a great entertainer! Of course we had to eat American food at Lucy’s and take silly pics with the statues.


image Our guide taking Theo potty on the street because I was too chicken!image Isaac’s province is famous for hand painted Porcelianimage image image And thank you God that I am not this shape!

imageSomeone was wicked excited about American food….hahahahaha! image image BOYS, Love them!image image image image

2 responses to “JESUS!!

  1. Denee and family….
    I am sorry I haven’t commented until now….but have thot of you so much and enjoyed each post!! Continuing to lift you to Him….I am sure your days r hard!!! Keep looking to Him!! He won’t let you go!!
    You will be home soon!!!!:) His blessings to you today and our love!
    The Steven Skiles Family

  2. Loving your posts. I wish I lived closer to you! Press on, dear mama, the end of the trip is in sight and EVERYTHING is easier on your home turf. Sending Love!

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