BOYS + Medical Exam = Tired Mama

Dear God, Please let us make it out Ch*na without going to the emergency! I pray this multiple times everyday. Last night Theo decided it was a bad idea to listen to mama and big brother….ran on wet tile, yep, flat on his face!! Giant goose egg right on the forehead.



Things we have learned medically so far…..Isaac may need glasses to see the whiteboard at school! Biao Biao’s legs are much more involved than we realized, he has an impressive sacral dimple( could mean a form of SB or be nothing), one  leg is longer, limited range of motion and HE IS COLOR BLIND!!! Yep, he definitely belongs in this family!!!














One response to “BOYS + Medical Exam = Tired Mama

  1. Beautiful, beautiful boys! Reading about Isaac brings tears to my eyes, of course. So much love waiting on someone to love them back…Praise God for your sweet young man! For both of them…such different needs…both loved…but I know it feels so good to have that love returned so quickly. Bless you! Praying for you.

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