One Less….Praising GOD!!!!

When Isaac walked out at the civil affairs office, I cried! It was all I could do to not fall on the floor and weep. He is tall!! My heart is overflowing. He is very gentle and patient especially with Theo. He sat there and held Biao Biao’s hand, felt his elbows when the guide told him about them. We stopped at a fruit stand, he followed me and took my bags and carried them for me! My heart melts. He invited his little brother to “help” him put together his erector set motorcycle…..EEEKKK!!! He responds to Biao’s help with a calm no and a smile. He can read English…..out loud!! He is absolutely adorable, potty trained and he was one of the few kids in the room who wasn’t screaming……big brownie points with this mama! Sarena I did not hug him!!


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