Wednesday in words 09/10/2014

I am going to try posting writing and pictures separately this time and see if it works better! We hung out in our room this morning, waiting for the call saying we could proceed with paperwork. Our guide called in the morning and said to meet her at 2:45

I know it sounds like I should have had time to blog…..have I mentioned that our little man is a bundle of energy and requires constant supervision. I am fully expecting trips to the ED in our future 🙂

Let’s go back to Tues night for just a second. Biao Biao went to sleep easily, but was very restless. Praising God that he was comforted just by me laying his hand on him! Granted he was probably dreaming that it was pappy’s hand. To make myself feel better I am going  to pretend that he actually liked me touching him. We definitely have our work cut out for us! I am praying that he likes his Baba as much as grandpa.

We went out for some food and exercise around lunch time(Wednesday). Of course we were getting all kinds if looks and suddenly I nearly had a panic attack. I realized that amidst all the confusion on Tues with Biao Biao’s birthday that I never signed guardianship papers for him!!!!! Here I am in a foreign country, where I don’t speak the language, with one of their babies who isn’t crazy about me yet and I have nothing to prove that He is mine……PANICK!!!! OK, so no one tried to take him, but we decided to go back to the hotel and “lay low”!

We we headed for the civil affairs office around 230. Within about 15 minutes of arriving there we got word that his new number with the correct DOB had came through! Praise be to GOD!!! It took us close to 3 hours to finalize everything, then supper, swimming and off to bed. For the record none of us really wanted to swim, but we needed to stay awake!!!

Bedtime wasn’t’ fun. I was not wanted and I had to calmly wrestle a VERY wiry, flailing child out of Pappy’s bed into Biao Biao’s bed, which is a compromise. Fortunately this was short lived and once he fell to sleep he wasn’t nearly as restless as the night before!

one last thing from our day. When we were almost back to the hotel after lunch yesterday we approached a little girl with her grandma. Her face lit up, she stopped and turned and exclaimed Biao Biao!!!! What!, a little girl in another city knows my son by name!! It is a mystery to us….it was a surreal feeling and we will do more inquiring at our orphanage visit today(Thursday). Maybe an orphan involved with ICC who is in foster care?….

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