Monday September 8

We arrived in Changsha a little after 11 this morning. We were able to get D’s camera back! We are so blessed to have the same guide as we did with Sarena’s adoption. She is amazing! We walked to the bank, then the opposite direction to buy train tickets for our orphanage visit Thursday, ate duck and goose for lunch. Dezirae is quite adventuresome! IT IS HOT HERE!!!!! We were absolutely drenched by the time we were finished walking all over. There will be no rewearing clothes! our hotel is lovely. We are on the 30th floor…the pool is on the 9th floor. We swam for a little while today.

We received some exciting news today! Tomorrow when we get Theodore Biao, we will also finalize his adoption!! Normally you have gotcha one day and finalize the next…our guide made special arrangements for us! This will take several hours, so please pray that our snacks and goodies last long enough to entertain little man!!


So many emotions running through me right now! Selfish excitement to hold our precious son, sadness at all the loss he has suffered and the losses he will have tomorrow! He will lose all things familiar, he will most likely lose his first language and  yet he is gaining a family. Thank you God for choosing us to parent him. Give us wisdom, compassion and patience as we learn to know this child of yours. Peace, Love, maybe a little fear, explosive JOY……


willpost pictures your Tuesday morning!!!

One response to “Monday September 8

  1. Thank you Jesus for the safety you have provided and the bonding you will begin tomorrow Love you all Annette

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