Preperations, Prayers and Praise!!

We have all been running around here like crazy, trying to accomplish 1,000 things in hopes of a relaxing family evening! It takes a lot of work to go away and leave your family for 3 weeks!! There are big things like packing, booking flights and hotels and making food to put in the freezer etc. It seems like it’s the little things that take so much time and brain power to accomplish!

My dad, Dezirae and I will be leaving early in the morning(Saturday, Sept 6th) to drive to Chicago for our flight. We leave at 3:20pm and fly straight to Beijing, spend the night there and fly out the next morning(Monday, Sept 8th) to Changsha, Hunan. It will be their Mid-Autumn Festival. I am excited to see how they celebrate! We are hoping to get settled a little and explore a bit. We get Theo Biao Biao at 9 am the next morning! This means that when you wake up on Tuesday there should be pictures of me with our new son!!!

We humbly ask for prayers as we get to know these precious children, for my dear husband and mother as they take over all the duties of mommy, for the girls at home that they don’t miss mama too much, S that she can trust that I will really come back to her, Safety, Health and for God to take away the pain in my back (I have fallen twice in the last three weeks). Prayers for the boys hearts to be opened and prepared for us. Wisdom and compassion for the agency workers, that they may see these children for the precious gifts that they are and not just $$$$……….THANK YOU!!

Thank you to all of you who have supported us emotionally,  technologically, spiritually, financially etc. Praise be to God for every single detail that He has worked out just PERFECTLY!! Dear Lord we know that only YOU could build up walls of protection against the adversary and overcome the roadblocks he placed in our way. We are still learning to trust YOU and learning to truly appreciate being called “Crazy”! Lord let us never hesitate to follow you, no matter how crazy we look to the world or how much it costs!

Some Fun Pictures from our Trip

These Two are Inseparable


The pouty, “I’m gonna’ cry ’cause mommy said I have to wait to ride in the tube until it’s my turn(taking turns by age stinks)!182


Mommy can fix almost anything! While this sounds easy and looks lovely, it has taken lots of work to get to this point. We praise God that He hasn’t given up on us as we learn to parent a broken child! GRACE!! And the long awaited Ride!



Heading Home….Four Adults, One Teen, Two Kiddos, Three Babes in carseats + TONS of stuff = ROADTRIP


2 responses to “Preperations, Prayers and Praise!!

  1. PRAYING friend! May God heal your back, blend your hearts with those precious boys, guard the hearts of those left home, and bless eaxh and everyone of you! Love you lots, and can’t wait to see their faces with you!

  2. I finally learned how to blog at the end of Kristy’s journey. So now I can start at the beginning of your trip to get the boys. Continually praying for your back and hearts of the boys, protection of your family back home. And greatly looking forward to seeing you with the boys!!!!

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