News and Answered Prayers!!

WE have our letter seeking confirmation(LSC). This used to be called LOA. This is us formally accepting Ch*na’s approval for us to adopt the boys. We have started the process for the boys to immigrate here and have a 1-3 week wait for that approval. I will most likely travel the last three weeks of September.


This part of the journey is one of the most daunting parts for me. There is an endless amount of paperwork that needs done(yesterday)…..We still need at least $25,000 to be fully funded. How can I spend 2-7 hours on paperwork everyday? Where will the money come from? What else can we do to save money? What else can we sell? Despite all of the uncertainty there is a calm that can only come from Obeying God’s calling to adopt Isaac and Theo.

I wrote this on July 1

“Never in my life have I experienced FEAR like I am now. With this fear has came a keen awareness of how sinful this fear is, and yet I can’t seem to shake it. I am afraid of parenting boys, terrified of traveling across the world without a family member, welcoming two new lives into our family alone, afraid that something will happen to me and my children won’t have their mama and totally stressed about where, oh where will we come up with $25,000 in the next 2-3 months….the list goes on and on and on.”

Isaiah 43:1 But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.”


On July 18th I wrote this:

The adversary’s latest attack is FEAR!! I don’t know if you have ever experienced fear that completely consumes you, but until the last month I had never experienced fear to this degree. I am fearful of everything adoption and yet I have peace. I have never doubted that this isn’t 110% what God wants and that he will see us through, but……..HOW?!!!! Now I know that it doesn’t matter how, but I still think I need to meddle and I worry and I fret and I am afraid that we won’t have the money to finish what we started. But HE IS BIGGER than $25,000, HE IS BIGGER than me leaving 5 children and traveling across the world to do HIS work. Tonight I know that my fear is leaving, I am giving it ALL to the ONE who has called me to this. Giving it ALL to God who created me and gave me 5 girls when I prayed for a boy…..

HE knew that had he given us boys we would hesitate to adopt these precious sons who were born into a culture so unaccepting that their parents felt no choice, but to abandon them as newborns. What seemed like unanswered prayers were 5 beautiful blessings from God……daughters!

Today my fear is gone!!  THANK YOU FATHER!!

God has built up a shield around me and blocked some of the attacks that satan has made on me. He has sent friends from across the country who love our son and want to help him come home to a family. These brothers and sisters in Christ supported our adoption for their VBS and raised over $700 for towards our expenses……only God would have that amount raised the exact week that we needed to mail a check for $720!!


The family who adopted Theo’s(Biao Biao) best friend, Michael, took our package to him! That was a week ago. Last night another family who just visited his orphanage sent me these pictures with the message “He knows you are coming and is very excited!!!”  YES LORD, thank you!



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