Fundraising, Finances, Family and Fun

Our BBQ/Family Fun Event was a success! We worked really hard, had great help and raised much needed funds to bring our boys home!


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What a blessing to have friends to share our fundraiser with! The night was a success…we are humbled and forever grateful to all who contributed!022 010 008 007 006 005 004There were fun “Raffles”, face painting, cake walks, and great fellowship as well as awesome food! Moving on to finances…….my least favorite thing to post about {insert frown face}…

We have paid all of our agency fees!!!!!!!!!!! We have paid approximately $15,000 towards our total of $40,000. That is what God can do through his people in just 4 months!! Just last night I was sharing with Sarena how satan tries to discourage us by making us move etc. and how GOD turns that into our house selling in 3 weeks, satan drops a tree on our house, GOD gave us buyers that don’t care, satan convinced us that we would never sell T’s Corvette, GOD nudged someone to leave a note on our doorstep and then proceeded to buy it, the “world” told us we shouldn’t adopt S, GOD gave us peace and provided a way and the list goes on and on and on.

We sold our house and Corvette. This has enabled us to pay off our debt from S’s adoption and what we had from this adoption so far. All of my money from working is now able to go straight toward the adoption. While it won’t be enough to fully fund the remaining $25,000 needed it will greatly help. We have been able to put money in savings for our high health insurance deductibles and pay cash for a bigger vehicle that will be needed once the boys come home.

These next pictures are from Mother’s day….on top of several beautiful flowers, I received the best mothers day present to date. S has never seen a rainbow and wanted to so badly. Of course this mama has prayed and prayed for a rainbow. God sent a full rainbow just for Sarena(“He sent a good rainbow for me, didn’t he mommy?”)

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I decided to do something new this summer with the girls. Each girl gets to spend a day with mommy and do something new/fun! Pippy has had her day. She can eat more ice cream than anyone I know so I took her to Young’s Dairy…..FUN!! We also did something to help someone else and each girl gets to pick something out for their new brothers on their special mommy day! P got legos for Isaac and a big Tonka dump truck for Theodore(at a thrift store!!!).

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