So much News!!

Yes my 3 year olds are giving the dog a bath! Their fixed haircuts!! 021 023 024 025

S is learning how to live in a family, that we all must work together. She is learning respect and that discipline is love not meanness. Much work still to do and very exhausting for this mama.

027 Visiting our local zoo for the first time this year. We always have so much fun!


005 006 007We had our garage sale the 10th to the 12th…what a blessing!

After packing up from the sale on Saturday, I stayed at the house to clean up a little. I dropped a piece of the sweeper, it echoed through our empty house as if I were the only resident of a ghost town. This set off many emotions and I cried…..long and hard. We had a cram packed day Sunday. Monday morning we received a call that a tree had fallen on our house. Not good news when we had hoped to close on our home this week.

015 011 010 009 008

I’m not sure what happened to the pictures from the inside. Not too reassuring when the insurance adjuster says he has seen worse in a hurricane!! REALLY!!

We are just waiting to find out how extensive the repairs will be and the estimated amount of time it will take. The repairs need to be done before we close on our house. UPDATE: We can close before the repairs are finished. So we have been working really hard to get everything out and clean a little!

001Sarena drew a picture of our family. Love that she included the boys and labeled everyone! One last bonfire at our home before we close on it. S ate so much she was too full to eat breakfast the next morning! Silly Girl 🙂

016 The Men of the house….behind smoke! 014 012 Dear Lord, I pray ….. that you give me wisdom in raising these precious princesses of yours! I am humbled that you chose me. 010  008 007 006 Thank you all for the prayers and support. They are needed and felt!

One response to “So much News!!

  1. Denee, So sorry about your house!!!! I have come to expect things like this in the adoption process! Satan loves to throw things at us to try to get us to give up. Praying for a quick repair, and the finalization of the sale soon. ((hugs)) from Kansas.

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