The Last Few Weeks

It isn’t that we haven’t had anything to post on, just that we have had so much going on that I haven’t had time! We sent out LOI for “Max” on March 4th…..we are still waiting for pre approval 20 days later. On March 9th when I went to get the twins dressed for church, I found this…


I am learning that when you live with grandma, it doesn’t matter how careful you are to keep things in a safe place, Great Grandma isn’t used to living with two 3 year olds! My response “GIRLS, what are you doing?” Twinners “Pippy cuts we’s hair”. I called Pippy in. She had no clue what was going on. Me-“Twinners, Pippy said she didn’t cut your hair.” Twinners-“Cooter(Scooter, gmas little dog) bites we hair and it fall off”  Yah RIGHT!! So this mama had to give two little girls their first haircut through tears in about 5 minutes.

My days go something like this….Breakfast for chillins’, pack lunch and get S off to school, kiss hubby bye, send middle 2 girls to room to clean, 2 minutes later I hear them fussing, set them down at table to write sentences about positive behavior(20 minutes), sweep pURPle carpet(FYI: everything shows on purple carpet!), twins find grandmas rice chex and smash all over pURPle carpet, it shows up nicely, lunch of eggs, D wants to make her own egg, (great I could use some help in the kitchen), Pip decides she will crack the egg for D….by holding it a foot off the counter and dropping it….SIGH!! I had to step outside in order not to laugh and then blow a gasket. When I came back in there was raw egg all over the stovetop, followed by wanting to make honey toast. This resulted in P having honey covering her palms, beads of honey all down the front of her dress and in her hair. The only way I knew to clean this up was putting her directly in the shower fully clothed. It wasn’t long before the twins were in the bathtub and said 6 year old had covered ceiling with water……send her off to bed. Later in the afternoon, I heard a smacking sound and D yelling. I turned around to see and egg dripping off of D’s head. F threw it at her ending in egg down inside a basket of clean clothes, on P, on pURPle carpet……Another girl sent to the shower. I then field a call about showing the house, supper, spend and 30-40 minutes dealing with an infanteen meltdown……rush out the door just in time to make it to our other house to show it to potential buyers. WHEW!!!  Yes this all happened in one day!

This is our life-My sister describes us as a constantly moving Norman Rockwell painting!


WE FOUND OUT TODAY THAT WE RECEIVED PA FOR MAX ON MARCH 13th!! Yes they really waited 13 days to notify us of this 😦

My days are consumed with planning fundraisers, filling out adoption and grant paperwork, making multiple phone calls, working on house plans, normal things like cooking, laundry etc. Kissing ouchies, cleaning up messes, many prayers for strength. This has far exceeded anything that we ever imagined when we embarked  on this journey. I have forgotten multiple things am constantly losing things…..this leads to attacks by the adversary in the form of guilt. I wonder how others are able to be mommy to 5, wife, realtor, packer/mover, Event planner, cook, maid, etc.

When the devil attacks in a certain area and doesn’t succeed, he tries another angle and then another and another. I have been attacked as a mother and a wife. I have been tempted in ways I never imagined. I have felt more guilt than before and compared myself to others. And worst of all I have questioned God. Why me? I can’t do this, I can’t keep up, I, I , I…..and you know what he tells me? You are right! You can’t do it! So repeatedly I beg Him to have mercy on me and patience with me as I learn to let Him show himself to me.

If I can ever get my camera, computer and cord all in the same place I will share more pictures!

Blessings on all as you do His will! May we all have courage to be HIS hands and feet!!Biaoinsnow


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