I will praise Him in the Storm….

It was two months ago today that we knew with out a shadow of doubt that God was calling us to adopt Theo and “Max”. Two months ago we said YES to 2 precious boys, YES to God, YES to whatever this journey would bring. Now, two months in the paperwork is getting done at lightning speed, we have moved in with my grandma, we are trying to sell our home, price endless boxes, bags, etc of items for our fundraising garage sale, maintain the mountain of laundry, eat in for at least 95% of our meals…

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It is interesting to start to make a cake and realize that you have no idea where your mixer is! Is it here? or at the other house? Did it get packed? or is it still in the kitchen at “our” house? Where is our house? What house do we call home? The girls are quite excited if we say we are going home, only to be disappointed when they realize that “home” is actually Grandma’s house.

032The thought of how many people say “You’re crazy” keeps circulating through my scattered brain. I have come to the conclusion that they are 110% correct. No sane person would say yes to such an unimaginable idea. We have a very busy household, a teenager at one school, 8 and 6 year old at another school, two tornados toddlers, a very big hairy dog and us crazy parents. So it does make me wonder at times how we were chosen to be the parents of not one, but two more children. The conclusion I have came to is that we are CRAZY enough to say yes. God has given us the ability to step out in Faith and follow him with reckless abandon. We are madly in love with Him and them. 031 007

While this has been one of the toughest things we have done as a family we know that giving up or quitting is not an option. Even though there are days that this seems like the easy thing to do, we never win by backing out on God just because the going seems to tough to bare. He brought us on this journey and will see us through. These boys are worth it! We covet all of your prayers!!

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One response to “I will praise Him in the Storm….

  1. I love this! Crazy like never before…knowing what God means when He says He will pour you out a blessing you cannot contain!

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