5 February 2014

Guilty of blog neglect. So to bring you all up to date. Our Social Worker(SW) visited on January 10 to update our home study. We asked to be approved for two boys ages 4 to 13. We shared about the two boys that we had in mind. Travis kept saying, we are only adopting one, just one etc. Less than an hour after she left we received a phone call telling us that we had been matched with Buddy(the four old). T called the SW himself and told her to go ahead and do our home study for two!


During our home study visit we found out that we would have to have a minimum of four bedrooms and even four might only get us approved for one or the other boy. We thought we came up with a solution to the bedroom problem while the SW was still here. It wasn’t long until we learned that our “solution” wouldn’t work after all.

This started our quest to figure out an actual solution. We explored moving our bedroom to the basement…..after a few phone calls, it became obvious that this was going to be a nightmare. God had this all under control. My grandma was gracious enough to open her home to us. This gives us four bedrooms. Along with this blessing has came much added stress and anxiety in our family. T and I can “suck it up”, but it is almost more than either of us can take to see the effect this has on our children. While they are excited to welcome these boys as their brothers, they have very mixed feelings about moving.


We have had quite a bit of added paperwork and steps due to moving in with grandma. Now we are just waiting for the fire inspector so that our SW can finish up with Grandma and walk through our new dwelling. I have been frantically packing up our house, moving, unpacking, fundraising and doing paperwork. Today we enjoyed a relaxing snow day. Thanks to the snow/ice our boys now have names….to be announced when we receive PA for them!

001 135 162

E is has mad skill in the wheelchair…..unlike her mother who flipped herself over backwards! After 5 LOOOOOOONNNNNNG months the casts finally come off! Concentration………for Auntie El

160 107 084

Sure! Have some more sugar! My theory is eat it all at once, brush your teeth good, and call it a day. Cutting wood with Niesy and Pappy…..love ya mom!



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