15 years ago…..

I have no idea what I was doing 15 years ago. I was only 16 and had no idea that somewhere in a rural part of China a sweet baby girl was being born to a mother who loved her fiercely. Although I long to meet this courageous woman and thank her for choosing life for her child, the reality is that this will most likely never happen. I only know that she had curly hair and worked endless hours, days, weeks…years to pay for medical bills for a child whose own people did not accept. One day this mother came home and her youngest daughter was gone. As a parent, I can only imagine the pain she has suffered. To the mother of my eldest daughter, THANK YOU, thank you for being BRAVE, thank you for being a FIGHTER, thank you for LOVING our daughter. I a sorry for your loss, your daughter is loved, she is strong, brave and is growing into a lovely young lady. She is LOVED, treasured and has a family FOREVER.

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We love you Sarena Y LiXue!

God is to be glorified for all of this. Two years ago we didn’t even know about S…..one year ago we brought her home. He has given me patience that could only come from Him. He has given us love during the tough times. He has allowed my heart to break for Sarena’s birth mother. He has changed our hearts. He has brought us to trust His ways over what others think. THANK YOU, GOD!!

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