This is What’s up with Us

God has been working on our hearts and wills over the last seven months. We spent weeks feeling confused about where God was leading us. We have prayed, asked others to pray, called friends together to pray with us. Then on January 4th, God started revealing a bigger plan for us than we can hardly wrap our minds around.

On that day I saw the picture of a little boy, Max, “12” years old that spoke to my heart. I immediately showed Travis and later that night texted a faithful prayer warrior to pray, for what I wasn’t sure! The next morning I “needed” to see that precious face again… was then that I saw a message under his picture that could have only been a sign from God. It took my breath away and I burst into tears. It had been posted by dear friends of ours. They had taken the pictures of  Max almost 2 years ago!

I did some checking around over the next two days. The first thing I learned was that he was actually 13 & would age out in 9 months. Two days after “meeting” him we learned that his file had just arrived at the very same adoption agency where “our” other little one was.

Rewind one year….On January 24th, 2013 we visited Sarena’s orphanage. One little boy (Buddy) stole our hearts. I knew at that moment, by the twinkle in Travis’ eyes, that God was at work. We came home and as time passed it seemed easy to pretend like it wasn’t God. I cried on his birthday, thinking of him without a family to hold him. God would not let him be forgotten.

For months I searched in vain for this little boy’s file. I also advocated for him to no avail.  His file mysteriously appeared in November and God tugged at Travis’ heart. We started the process to adopt him then, but I didn’t have peace so we felt God closing that door. Travis told me “If he is supposed to be our son he will still be available in 3 months”.

It has been 2 ½ months. Buddy is still waiting for a family. Our social worker came on January 10th for our home study update. Within an hour of her leaving we received a call from the adoption agency regarding “Buddy”. I calmly called back braced for the news that Buddy had been matched with a family. He had been…..ours! Unbeknownst to us the matching team had a meeting on Buddy’s behalf and chose our family for him. I hung up, told Travis and again found myself sobbing. OK God! YES!! We will go, we will trust, we will love them, we will face opposition, YES, YES, YES!! ONLY GOD could do all of this orchestrating.

Please pray with us as we step out in faith and trust God to provide for this adoption,  

Travis•Denee•SarenaDeziraeAlexandraFelicityEvalena Rohrer (on behalf of Max & Buddy)

We are humbly accepting items to put in our adoption fundraising garage sale(to be held in May). We will receive funds from our church($5,000) and Max’s orphanage donation has been waived($5,700). After these blessings we anticipate the boys’ combined adoption costs to be $30,000. We have been given the opportunity to do an interview for our local paper bringing  awareness to our community about orphans, adoption and the costs involved.

We are selling shirts @  as well as applying for adoption grants to help offset the cost of this adoption. If you feel called to give a(tax deductible) monetary gift, you may do so through BCF ~ PO Box 365 ~ Brookville, OH 45309 ~ write Rohrer Adoption in the memo line.

“The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee,

and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee,

and give thee peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

There are 3 boys to every girl waiting to be adopted in China. Just being a boy makes a child hard to place. Over age three decreases their chances even more and add a special need on top of that, hope of finding a family is nearly gone. Praising God He has chosen us to bring these precious boys home!

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