Our first Christmas as 7!


Gingerbread houses from the girls school Christmas party.

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Yesterday we had Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. My battery died so very few pictures.

019 018 017



We keep Christmas very simple at our house. Chinese carry out on my Great Grandmothers china. The girls get stockings from mommy and daddy. We gave the girls a puppy in May for their birthday and Christmas presents. He is almost 9 months and weighs 70 pounds!! They each had one gift to open from grandma Kathy and Big Pap.

093 092 090 089 088 087 086 085 084 082 081

Yes, even Remi got a stocking full of goodies. Funny thing was that he was quite interested!

066 065 064 063 062 060 059

Our energetic blessings with their calm Christmas present….So fun taking their picture!


EVALENA opening her stocking



E dumped her stocking out while F took one thing out at a time and sat each item carefully around her. So                                                                fun when their personalities shine through!

048 047

The partnership at Sarena’s orphanage (ICC) celebrated Christmas with the children. This is our first Christmas as a family. S loved her stocking. “This is the most presents I have ever had” Thank you God for giving us this gift! Proof that His way is so much more perfect than ours.

046 045 044 043 042 041 040 039 038 037

This morning I woke up to the sound of D reading out loud all by herself!!! PTL!! For those of you who don’t know D, she has had to overcome many speech and learning disabilities in order to read. This is an answer to prayer!!

Silly girls!

036 035 034 032 030 029 028 027

026 025 024 023 022

Our simple Christmas…..LOVE from our family to yours!

One response to “Our first Christmas as 7!

  1. I about cried looking at all pictures of my beautiful dears!!! You girls better watch out because in a few days there is going to be an auntie el on the loose giving you kisses until you giggle yourself silly!:) Love you all! Thanks for all the pics Nee.

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