What a Fun Day!

My dad had cows and they are calving. This has provided great entertainment the last 3-4 days. It is all very new and interesting to Sarena. She doesn’t want to miss a chance to go see the cows! I ran over to show the twins the new calf today, lost the dog and ended up spending two + hours at the farm. It is so fun to watch the calves and listen to the twins. “Yah, cause cows don’t wear glasses”, “Yah, and they don’t drive vans”, “Why do cows go stinky?” on and on and on. Then E says to F (while throwing rocks into the creek from atop the bridge), “uh, uh, uh, you to close to the edge” with her little finger wagging!

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When we got to Pappy’s to see the new calf, it was out in the field with the boys who are taking care of the cows when mom and dad are gone. I think we were all glad to see each other! It just so happened that another friend of my parents had stopped by for something totally different and got in on the action too. All babies and mamas are now together, the fence is fixed and there are 5 very happy, tired girls sleeping at this house right now……soon to be 6!

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