Promised Pictures

S came home 10 months ago! Life has been crazy, busy, BLESSED, God-filled beyond imagination, frustrating, hard, sad, joyful and very, very BLESSED!

We had 17 people and a dog at our house from Thursday to Saturday. We definitely have room for a couple more little people. Nieces, girls and nephew decorating cookies. Cookies, compliments of great grandma!

008 007 006

004 003

015 014 013 012 011

Evalena……have to mark it or I’ll forget that she was the one with the bruise on her cheek!


We decorated Christmas tree ornaments on Saturday.

026 025 024

Sunday was much anticipated by S….she couldn’t wait to set up the Christmas tree. It is so fun to share firsts with her and almost unbearably sad that her China mama has missed her growing into such  lovely young lady.

029 033 032 031 030

S has become so much more compassionate towards the twins. Two spontaneous snuggles that I captured this weekend!



New calf at Pappy’s!

036 035

Love to all!


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