Life these Days…..

This is what our every day life looks like!

Hard at Work……these two are great helpers when they channel their energy towards work instead of destruction!

008 009 010 011

BEING WEIRD……this girl cracks me up! {Evalena}

006 007


The Crazy Parents

002 012

Daily Messes……SIGH!!

015 014

Nice tidy stack of books, right……WRONG, they are toothpasted together and it wouldn’t be completed without toothpaste on the wall, bed, toys, carpet and well everything……..UGHH! It took hours to clean up and big sisters have been informed that next time they leave the toothpaste out it will their responsibility to clean it up.



It looks like I need to take more pictures of the big girls…….Blessings ’til next time.

One response to “Life these Days…..

  1. Your girls look just like you! What a beautiful family you have….will be fun to catch up on you and yours. It has been years.

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