“Truth is Contagious”

Let’s talk about HIV/AIDS. Until the last year or so I was like most people kind of afraid of HIV. Even in the health care there is not “good” education on HIV. There are million of kids living today with HIV through no fault of there own. There are millions of orphans  because of AIDS. The main reason these people live with a stigma is because people aren’t educated. You can not get HIV by playing, sharing drinks, or any kind of casual contact. Since I have became more educated I feel a responsibility, to those living with HIV, to help educate others. Here is a link to a short video about HIV/AIDS      projecthopeful.org/truth-pandemic/

 Malea30728131651Trisha (1)Shawn (4)

These are all children waiting for a family. They are all HIV+

Click on this to read a blog post by Mike Jutt(we took our HAGUE classes with them) who went from uneducated to adopting 2 children with HIV basically overnight!


One more resource  http://specialneedsadoption.rainbowkids.com/HIV_Positive.aspx

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