Consider Me…

Amanda is 13 just like S was when we found her. She has Spina Bifida although her file does not mention it. She is from the same province as S in an SWI that is partnered with ICC. She reminds me so much of our S. Please share her picture/info with others. She is with She will be well prepared for adoption.

798399_344140262397726_1129370788_o (1)~

Mikey ~ 3 years old, spina bifida. I have snuggled with this little guy. A bit shy at first but warms up and likes to be cuddled. You can find more info at

ICC 047

Both of these sweet children have Spina Bifida. Sound scary? It really isn’t S has been a huge blessing to our family and these two would greatly bless and be blessed by a forever family.


One response to “Consider Me…

  1. Denee……..doesn’t Amanda remind you of Lauren Landes??? I thought of her immediately! She is so pretty!

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