The first 9 months

We have had 24 days of appointments(some days we saw multiple providers), 2 surgeries, emotional ups and downs and have been 100% BLESSED!! 9 months ago she wouldn’t let anyone hug her, she was afraid of the dark, she was too scared to cry and her feet were so deformed that she couldn’t use them even though she had the strength. Today she initiates hugs, cries and is comforted by us, she doesn’t want the light on at night because “it is safe here” and she is starting to stand using her left foot. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!


As you can see we do not have a maid! This is how we wash S hair while in casts….great trust building exercise. And the homework…..”nuf said”. These aren’t the best pics, but are our everyday life 🙂

Thanks to this special woman, I am able to focus my attention completely on S when she has appointments…thanks mom!

024016The CASTS!


Waiting for her new wheelchair



022 Here it is!021This chair makes it so much easier for S to get around. It is lighter and fits in our van much better than the other one.


Saturday we took the girls to get pumpkins. IT WAS FREEZING!

008 006 003 002 001

We spent the rest of the day in the field with Pappy and Grandma Niesy….making memories!




One response to “The first 9 months

  1. I about cried when I read that she is starting to stand!! Thank you Lord! Love the pink on the wheel chair 🙂 nice touch. It was good to see your sweet mama’s face on here! Give her a hug for me!

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