One Wish

We have hard days, frustrating days, days that we feel like we have no clue what we are doing and tons of crazy fun. Then S comes home with homework what are your three wishes. She only had one. That every boy and girl has a mommy and daddy. All of the tough stuff then makes perfect sense and we realize that amidst all of our imperfections our journey is worth it.

I would like to share with you some precious children who are wishing and waiting for a mommy and daddy of their own.

Lenny ~ 12 years old, deaf, and attends a special school for the deaf

louThis little guy looks very sad in his more recent photos. You can see more at He has a $5,ooo grant! He also has an account @ reeces rainbow click to the right

Leanne ~ 11 years old, she likes pretty dresses and really soft things. She is a firecracker and totally irresistible!

ICC 151Leanne has a sizable grant with reece’s rainbow. See more @ reeces rainbow, click to below We met her in January 2013 and fell in love. She would add a lot of life and fun to any family!

Lance ~ 4 years old, possible arthrogryposis (elbows). It is impossible to not love this little guy! I’m not sure where his file is, but an agency would be able to see the CCCWA data base and help. He would have came home with us if it was that easy!!

ICC 046See more at

Zebadiah – 12 years old

Zedidiah072001_HIVI can see him rough housing with a dad and snuggling with a mommy! This little guys face touched me and I felt led to advocate for him. See more by clicking below

Patrick/Mark ~ 9 years old, brittle bone disease, 100% cuddle bug!

ICC 123You can read more about Patrick at (Mark) or His favorite color is orange, he likes math and loves to play mom & dad. He needs a strong male role model.

Radley ~ 4 years old, B-cell ALL

I’m not able to post his picture. For more info inquire at

I promise more pictures of us very soon!

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