8 months

We have been home 8 months. Even S says that it has went sooo fast! She started school one month ago and is doing well. She is catching on quickly. Our school district has been such a blessing to work with. They do not have an ESL program, but have gone above and beyond to accommodate S. They are still looking for an interpreter to help her with school. For now there is a high schooler helping her for 30 minutes, 2-3 days a week. This is working out really well. Some nights home work takes 5 hours….this is a really long time when I am needed to translate everything. Thank you GOD for knowing that homeschooling was not a good option for us!!

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We have had some rough spots. And yet today she said that this feels like her home. What better way to affirm God’s plan in this adoption than S to say to me, “I like you to hold me”. I love holding you too, my sweet child! We will be spending more time in the rocking chair…..because this mom isn’t strong enough to carry her as much as she would like. Yesterday was not a good day, but today is GOOD!!

We found out two weeks ago that S needs to have spinal surgery to correct her scoliosis. This is a huge surgery with a two month recovery time. Super scary!! In order to make this surgery safer, she needs to have a spinal cord surgery(de-tether). This surgery will be one week in the hospital and a month out of school. The rod surgery will be 4-6 weeks after this. So thankful we are in a country that she has this opportunity. Once again, thanks be to God for giving this precious child to us and giving me strength to face this. Believe me, I will be depending greatly on HIM, because I feel very small and scared.


2 responses to “8 months

  1. Serena is looking older! What great pictures of her 🙂 So glad she’s letting you take pictures of her now. Yay Travis for carrying her up in the combine!! Sorry for all the surgery coming, will be praying for her safety, and for the success of the surgery. Hugs to you all!

  2. You guys are not alone. We will gladly help out with the kids during all of this. S is a beautiful young lady & is so blessed as we all are to be in your lives. We are here for you all.

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