So many people say to S “You are so lucky” or to us “she is so lucky to have you”. She is NOT lucky!!

Our S was older when she was abandoned.  She remembers her family…the good and bad. She knows which parent she looks like. She knows which family member left her outside the fitness center. Lucky?…no! Abandoned, & Lost, Alone….yes!


She endured great loss and grief when she went to the SWI. S has been hungry, watched babies die, seen children hurt other children, and been hurt herself. Fortunately a Christian partnership came to her orphanage and things turned around for the better. She had to learn to love and trust all over again at the age that most children are starting school. Is she lucky?….no Courageous?…absolutely!


S started school at the age of 9(respectively). She was a girl with a visible handicap in a country that puts little value on individuals in either category. Some years she rode a scooter part of the way to school, crawled the rest of the way and then pulled herself up 3 flights of steps to go to class. The next year she lived closer to school, walked to school, then pulled herself up 4 flights of steps. Lucky?….getting the picture! STRONG….YES!!


Around Christmas 2012 she was told that she had a family!! That sounds good to us…..but a new language, learning to trust more new people, being told untrue things about your new family to scare you. Saying good bye to all of your friends, aunties, “sisters” and “brothers”. This girl is BRAVE!

First Day of 7th Grade

I do not know what God has planned for S, but she is capable of GREAT things. May God guide us in teaching her His ways!!

Please never think that an adoptive child is lucky…..they have all endured great loss!

She looks like her daddy and wishes she had curly hair like her mommy!

We love you sweet, sweet girl!

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