Pre surgery….

We have been rushing around like crazy the last couple of weeks trying to prepare for school and S’s surgery.

In the meantime the girls continue to amuse me. Today Pippi came running “Mommy hurry “Remi” is in the neighbors house!” Oh, well as if that isn’t embarrassing enough, I rush over to our new neighbors house to find….my puppy who has been clear through the house (as in one door and out the other), being chased by a naked twin!!! I was humbled and unable to control my amusement!

The other day we passed a very dead, very bloated deer laying on the interstate. “Mommy, shouldn’t we help the deer”….me – “Honey, it’s dead”….”Well, shouldn’t we pick it up and put it off the road?” me – chuckles and then a lengthy explanation why we can’t stop on I 70 and drag a dead deer off the road.

One of the twins is very confused about who she is. F is certain that she is E so they have arguments that go something like this. “I’m E”, “No, I’m E”, “No, I’m E”…….and so on. When I finally interrupt and tell F that she is indeed F, she always seems so surprised!!

The twins have a fascination with nudity, the outdoors, water(especially the garden hose running full blast) and mud/mulch….I would love to know what our neighbors think!

D has been working very hard this summer to learn how to read and is READING….

shhhh, she hasn’t realized it yet!! Tonight she read me a sign in the store!!!!!

Pippi is all ready for school to start. She is quite the charmer and a cheerful helper!

That brings us to S. She has surgery on both feet and her right knee on Friday. She isn’t worried about the surgery as much as the casts(I’m worried about them too). We will go to Cincinnati Thurs evening and are to be at the hospital at 6 am on Friday. The casts will make her outweigh me and will be very awkward. Please pray for a smooth, safe surgery, for my back to feel better so that I can lift her and the other girls at home. We hope to come home Sunday.

Blessings to each of you!!

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