Catching up!

I have struggled with figuring out how to post pictures on here so naturally I have a ton of snapshots to share. Here are some from June!


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246223We have had a good 6 weeks. Our appointments have slowed down and we have just been being a family. S did get measured for her wheelchair. We are hoping o have it by the end of the year. S has been opening up about her past more. This is such a good thing, it shows trust is being formed and that she is feeling comfortable. However the things she has lived through and witnessed has sent me to the bathroom sobbing. How can she be so loving and joyful? Only God could work a miracle like this!!

S’s surgery is less than a month away. We covet your prayers for the next couple months. She told me yesterday that she is scared =( Prayers for comfort, safety and recovery. Also that it won’t be to difficult to move her around. She will most likely outweigh me with the casts and we’re not sure how much she will be able to do to help herself.

D and Pippi are looking forward to school. I am excited about having 2 whole days a week to enjoy the twins! The twins are a joy to watch. Lately F has been having identity issues…both twins think they are E!! They will argue about it. This makes telling them apart even harder =)

2 responses to “Catching up!

  1. All I can say is, I thought I was tired and busy….just a different busy I guess. You can bet we will pray for S, all I have to do is tell the boys and they won’t forget her:) Its fun to see your girls growing up and we are looking forward to seeing them more!! Your puppy is growing too, so cute!!!! Blessings as you wait for surgery and enjoy these last few weeks together before school.

    Kevin and Leanna

  2. Love the pictures! Yay S is letting you take more pictures of her. I hope that someday my girls can share their memories with me, and with each other. Praise God for resilience! Laughing at the identity issues! I thought that happened later in life! Bless you dear friend.

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