5 Months

Five months ago today we arrived in China to meet our daughter. It is a day we had anticipated and dreamed about. When I thought about Gotcha Day, I thought it would be magical, pictures, videos etc.

We simply stepped off the elevator and there she was. I almost ran to her(probably scaring her to death) and then without even thinking I reached to hug her….further scaring her. Five months later she initiates affection. S has a contagious laugh, is super silly and is learning to take responsibility for some of her healthcare needs. She is learning English at an unbelievable rate. Last week she started an online ESL program.

This week has marked huge growth. She begrudgingly tagged along to VBS on Monday morning, after being given no other choice. SHE LOVED IT!! I haven’t had to wake her up the rest of the week, she has learned new faces and names(and hopefully some social skills). This is the first time we have made her do something without us. I wanted to get a feel for what we might be facing when school starts in the fall. She has done great and is engaging with the other children. Thank you God!! S will be attending public school in the fall. We will be doing academic testing in July and base her grade level on that and the recommendation of the school.

August 2nd is the day of S’s surgery. She will be having surgery to “fix” her left foot. This means we should be able to keep shoes on and she can bear weight on the sole of her foot. The right foot and knee will have tendon releases done and then we will evaluate if she will need further surgery at a later date. Prayers are appreciated as this date approaches!

All 5 of the girls continue to amaze us as we adjust to a very different normal. God has been so good to us in this journey. Anything that we have done right is because of Him and His grace on us. All glory and thanks goes to HIM!!!

One response to “5 Months

  1. woo-hoo!So glad she liked VBS:) And that I figured out how to comment on your blog. Love the new one Nee.

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